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Scary Scary Stories October 29, 2012

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Short stories are great, but scary short stories are the best! With Halloween just around the corner I always find myself reading a bunch of scary stories that never seem to get old. Some of my all time favorite books are collections of scary short stories.  They are highly detailed and can really grab your attention quickly.  As someone who doesn’t always have a ton of time to dive into the latest novel, short stories are the perfect solution. They hook you in and always leave you wanting more. So no matter if it’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or Irish Tales of Terror, a good scary short story can always get you in the perfect mood for Halloween.


2 Responses to “Scary Scary Stories”

  1. Kashiya Smith Says:

    Are any of those books a good book? Have you ever read any of those books?

  2. herricklrc Says:

    Both “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and “Irish Tales of Terror” are great short stories series. I have read both of these title and love almost all of the scary stories. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has some of the famous classic stories like “The Hook” and “The Babysitter”. Both books are great reads!

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