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The Rebirth of Mythology November 6, 2012

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Rick Riordan has given Greek and Roman mythology a new life with the Percy Jackson Lightning Thief series and now the Heroes of Olympus books.  Waiting for the new books to come out has brought me back to the Harry Potter days, and I know that I will have to reread every year in order to know what is happening in the series, but I don’t care.  Most of the young adult Imagebooks that I read I pick up because I have a student reading them who either loves them or needs a little encouragement.  This was a series that started the same way, but once I started reading I could not stop.  I loved the books so much I passed them to my twin brother who in turn passed them to another friend and the chain did not stop there.  Any book that an adult loves that is written for children is a success!

The Mark of Athena (the latest book in the series) came out in the beginning of October, and like several of my students I was waiting on the edge of my seat for it.  These books definitely make the reader want to find out more about mythology and the roots of the monsters in the story.  My favorite book in the series is The Son of Neptune which pretty directly follows the plot of the Odyssey.  I used it a couple years as a read aloud while teaching the Odyssey and my students understood the story better and made some great comparisons between the two stories.

I hope that the following continues to grow.  Maybe next year there will be midnight mythology parties at the local Barnes and Noble where everyone is dressed up as Greek gods and goddesses.


One Response to “The Rebirth of Mythology”

  1. Parker Smith Says:

    This book is a fantastic fantasy novel by Rick Riordan. It is the third book in an amazing four part series full of unexpected twists and turns. It combines the awesome characters from both of the previous novels. With Annabeth, Percy, Jason, Leo, Piper, Frank, and Hazel. They face many mystical monsters trying to either stop or even kill them but they never give up. Annabeth has to complete a quest that no one else in the world has ever completed. This book will leave you speechless and ready to read the fourth book right away. And let me just say, the ending is quite the cliffhanger. Literally!

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