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A Fantasy Without Vampires? November 24, 2012

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Finally, finally, finally I have found a novel that lies within the genre of Fantasy that is not inclusive of vampires, werewolves or anything too extreme for my Contemporary/Realistic Fiction heart! The book is called Revived written by Cat Patrick (also well-known for her book Forgotten that many seventh graders have devoured).

Basically, the main character was in a terrible bus accident when she was a young girl and this agency was looking to test-out a new drug called Revive that would bring people who have died back to life. After bringing this bus load of young kids to life (though not all of them were revived) these children are then relocated, think witness protection program.

The book’s main character has now been revived five different times and seemingly found her place where she belongs, including making a best friend and her first crush. But when she discovers some hidden case studies about the agency in charge of Revive, those relationships begin to alter and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to stay in the only place she’s actually felt at home. This mysterious fantasy has romance, friendships, action, and pulls you in from the very first page! A definite recommendation I’d make to middle school students, especially ones that don’t love far-fetched fantasies!


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