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Our focus is on books middle school students might like to read and topics pertaining to books for these students, and we are giving recommendations. Teachers, librarians and middle school students are the contributors to this blog. Enjoy!

Evil Iceberg Sinks Ship! November 27, 2012

If you are a Titanic fan, then you need to read The Watch That Ends the Night, Voices From the Titanic by Allan Wolf.

Not only is it about a famous historical event but this book is also written in verse!

The tragic events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic are told in poems by various people on the ship. Allan Wolf does a great job sharing the voices of both the first class and third class passengers while showing the difference sailing was for them on this grand ship. Even the Ship Rat tells his tale of scurrying among the captain, crew and passengers of the doomed ship. My favorite character has to be the evil Iceberg plotting to meet the Titanic and seal it’s disastrous fate! How clever of Allan Wolf to turn the iceberg into a villainous character.

The book is a bit lengthy with over 400 pages to read but some of the poems are short. If you sat through the 3 hour Titanic movie, you can make it through this book!
At the end of the book there is extra information about the characters who were real people, facts about the ship, and resources on the Titanic.

This book will not disappoint Titanic fans & history buffs.


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