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TTKU- Try to Keep Up… December 5, 2012

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What would you do to fit in? To what lengths would you go to find friends, especially the most popular friends in three_quarters_dead peckschool? In this novel Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck, (though I listened to it), you meet Kerry, a dorky, lonely sophomore who finds herself with the “opportunity” to get exactly what she’s wished for: a group of friends. Even better, these are the three most beautiful and popular girls around school. As they plan an initiation of sorts for her during Halloween, you begin seeing the darker side of these three girls, with Tonya as their ring leader. Kerry continues to make excuses for why her friends leave her deserted at a girls house she was forced to sneak into and various other situations she is put in. Then, while Tonya is on the phone with Kerry, as they are driving to search for prom dresses, the three girls getting into a deadly car accident, leaving Kerry to face school and life without them- or so she thought? The fantasy book reminded me a ton of Mean Girls- especially in listening to the entertaining job of the person who performed on the audio version- which happens to be one of my favorite movies. There’s a good lesson in the end, a good read for all ranges of middle school students, and a good way to evaluate your true friendships. In Tonya’s repeated line to Kerry, “try to keep up!”


One Response to “TTKU- Try to Keep Up…”

  1. Urte Verkelyte Says:

    This is such a good book! It’s really interesting. You might get lost at some point but then you will understand it.

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