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Zombies and a Love Story January 6, 2013

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Zombies are a pretty popular nowadays. This was my very first zombie story. It also happens to be the first time I listened to a book on CD. (I recommend trying the audiobook!)

If you are looking for a mild and not too gory zombie story, try The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.

The unconsecrated, aka the zombies, are contained by fences. Humans can’t get too close to the fence or they will be scratched or bitten by the unconsecrated. Once bitten, you are infected and turn into an unconsecrated yourself.

Mary’s life is turned upside down the day her mother gets a little too close to the fence. Her mother becomes a part of the forest of hands and teeth! Mary’s brother, Jed, disowns her and no suitors have spoken for her hand in marriage. She is forced to join the sisterhood and starts to question all the secrets that the sisterhood holds. All along, Mary has loved Travis but Travis is betrothed (engaged) to Mary’s best friend Cass. If that isn’t enough drama, Travis’ brother Harry comes and asks for Mary’s hand in marriage! Talk about a love triangle!

Things really go bad when there’s a breech in the fence and the unconsecrated take attack on the humans in the village! Mary, Jed, Travis, Cass, and Harry run for their lives. They unlock one of the secrets held by the sisterhood and try to find somewhere safe to go.

If you are looking for a happy ending, this might not be your book – it is a zombie book after all! According to Wikipedia, this book is scheduled to be a movie in 2013.


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