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Guest Blogger -7th Grader Danny K. February 19, 2013

After finishing Cat Patrick’s first book, Forgotten, I was wondering if Forgotten would be turned into a movie or if Cat Patrick would write another book. Well, she did…Revived!

What would you do if you couldn’t keep a secret? How would you feel if you couldn’t tell your secrets to someone you love or someone you have faith in? These are the thoughts in the mind of Daisy, a 16 year old girl that has been revived 5 times! After dying the first time on a football field, she woke up not knowing where she was. It was Mason that made a drug for her to come back to life. Revive is a drug that brings you back to life.

Daisy was always aware when she was being revived or not. She still has flashbacks of the times she has been revived; these dreams still haunt her. Each time she is revived, she has a different name, she moves to a new city, and she has to transfer schools.

Daisy “McDaniel” or “West”, made an oath to never tell anyone about revive, otherwise she could go to jail. Audrey, a high school student, meets Daisy and they become friends in a flash! Matt, Audrey’s brother, falls in love with Daisy, but they are not together. Daisy tells Matt her secret!

Audrey has cancer and Matt wants Daisy to give Audrey revive to help her get better. Maybe Audrey can live, but it is a 50/50 chance.

Revived is an outstanding book! I was in joy from the beginning of the book to the end! Revived is a nonstop read from the amazingly talented Cat Patrick!


9 Responses to “Guest Blogger -7th Grader Danny K.”

  1. Faith B. Says:

    Wow! Very descriptive and detailed! I’ve heard other summerys about the book but none are quite like this, I’ll deffinintly have to read this!

  2. Claire O. Says:

    This looks like an awesome book! I really want to read it now!

  3. lhorn1217 Says:


    I am SO glad that you share the same passion for this book that I did. I honestly think I liked this one even better than Forgotten- crazy right! Thanks so much for sharing with me that (eventually) Cat Patrick does have another book coming out and for sharing all about her book for others to enjoy! 🙂 Great work!

  4. Samantha Says:

    This book looks interesting, I absolutely love these kind of books. I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Joy Kirr Says:

    I just checked this one out on our snow day today, thanks to your review. I hope to be able to read it during ISAT testing! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Izabel Says:

    Its cool coming back to life. I would like to read the book!

  7. kashiya Says:

    That sounds like a good book

  8. Urte Says:

    This looks like a pretty good book…I might read it!

  9. rose hamdan Says:

    sounds good. a definite read!!!

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