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The Futuristic World of The Bachelor May 13, 2013

The Selection (Book 1) & The Elite (Book 2) 

By: Kiera Cass

Finally, The Bachelor (a favorite reality television show of mine for years) has come into play in YA literature! I had heard about The Selection from many of my female students this year. They urged me to wait until the second book (The Elite) came out to read them right after one another, as Kiera tended to leave things in a cliff hanger. Sure enough, I could not put either book down when reading.


The Selection takes place in a futuristic world where the prince is looking for his princess. 35 girls are selected to go through a “Bachelor-type” process and fight for the prince’s love. All the while, the society is built into a caste system where girls from all castes are able to apply. Our main character, America, ends up being part of the Selection, despite having little confidence in herself, nor interest in the prince. America remained one of the only lower-caste young ladies in the process. She cleverly showed her true colors very early on to Prince Maxon, as she gave him the idea for her to be a “friend” in the process, since she was in love with someone else (Aspen); one who could help weed through the large amount of young ladies. However, as time progresses, America is beginning to become jealous of the other girls and their relationships with Maxon- and why would that be? Could she be interested in him as more than a friend? The first book ends up with Maxon cutting the Selection numbers down to The Elite, which are the six remaining girls.

As the story unfolds in Book two, I was interested to see where the story was going to go. I was thoroughly impressed with the writing, as it continued to entice me and want to keep reading, as there were many twists and turns along the way that I did not see coming. Without giving too much away, America finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, in a physical altercation with another contestant, fighting for her friend’s life and love, and standing up for herself and her country unlike anyone else has ever dared. Again, Book Two leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering just what will become of Maxon and who his princess will be. I know many of my students and I are counting down the days until Book three comes out!

**Also, it may be that there will be a television show on the CW of the book series. Fingers crossed!**


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