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If You Liked Hunger Games, Give this Series a Try… June 16, 2013

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Legend by Marie Lu starts Day (Daniel) and June’s stories, each coming from opposite sides of the Republic. The Republic is the western part of what’s left of North America after severe flooding from melting ice in the north. The United States is no more in this futuristic novel.

Day is poor and forced to a life of crime to survive, help his family, and stop the advances of war. He’s a wanted criminal on the run, hiding out while still keeping watch over his family. Day’s antics have made him a legend in the Republic.

June is from an elite and wealthy family. She’s considered a prodigy for being the only one to get a perfect score on her trials. The trials are tests run to find the best soldiers for the military. June is on her way to securing a high ranking spot in the Republic’s military.

Day and June’s paths cross and both characters face good and bad events. They are each forced to question their own allegiance to family and their country. They must figure out who they can trust when things begin to get dangerous.

Check out Mrs. Squires review of Legend here:

Prodigy is the follow up book to Legend. In Prodigy, Day and June are no longer on opposite sides of society. Both are forced to work together to survive and figure out if their allegiance belongs to the Republic, the Colonies, or the Patriots.

I read both books back to back because one of my students, Jayla, has raved about these books for months! She said they were full of action and I have to agree with her! If you are looking for a story full of action right from the beginning – read Legend & Prodigy! Both books alternate chapters between Day and June but tell the entire story from both of their perspectives. Not only do they contain lots of action, there’s also a bit of romance too so both male and female readers can enjoy this series.

The finale to the Legend trilogy, Champion, will be released November 5, 2013. I know Jayla is eagerly anticipating that day to find out how this story wraps up.

In interviews, the author, Marie Lu, has mentioned that Legend is being worked on for a future movie!


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