Books in the Middle: Reading for Middle School

Our focus is on books middle school students might like to read and topics pertaining to books for these students, and we are giving recommendations. Teachers, librarians and middle school students are the contributors to this blog. Enjoy!

A Book for Dog Lovers November 26, 2013

My favorite character in the book Road Trip by Gary Paulsen and Jim Paulsen is Atticus the dog. Atticus is the family’s border collie who is very wise.

Ben gets forced into a road trip with his dad to rescue another border collie puppy who needs a home. Ben is not very happy to be riding along in a truck with his dad who just dropped a lot of bad news on Ben. Along the way, their road trip gets into a few sticky situations. They also meet some interesting people who join in on their rescue mission. There were a few things that happened that seem a little stretched but hearing Atticus’ humorous insights are worth the read.

If you are a dog or animal lover, I recommend Road Trip for you. As I listened to the audiobook, I had a few laughs.


Student Blogger- TRASH November 25, 2013

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Charlie P. imgres


Andy Mulligan


The book Trash is about two young boys named Raphael and Raccordo, who live in a dumpsite.They go rummaging around looking for things they may sell. They both find a mysterious leather bag with wads of Pesos. They also have found a small note. The next day the police arrive telling the neighborhood that they will pay anyone lots of money for that bag. The boys are confused. They take many adventures to find what’s in the bag that is so special. They take many twists and turns while taking these adventures.
I liked this book because it was a thriller and it would leave me confused and twisted. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read mysteries. If you liked Ripplestrop, you’ll like Trash!


Hoax or Reality?

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Everyone is seeing the videos on YouTube and hearing the reports, but really, zombies? How true can it really be? B is just trying to get along. After all, with a father who is clearly a racist and a mother who is trying to survive domestic violence, B knows to duck and cover when things start to get heated between them. B also knows not to let on that B has a friend who is black and has for many years. As B goes to school and keeps hearing more about the supposed zombies, life just goes on. However, B starts to question the racist beliefs that have been such a part of B’s upbringing. After a visit to a historical museum, B really begins to question things. Particularly, what does Be really believe? Is it an act to be a racist or what B really believes?

Then, zombies appear at B’s school and all bets are off. Can B survive this Zombie apocalypse, or is B doomed to go down with the rest of the world?imgres-1

 Zom –B by Darren Shan shows he is back with what appears to be the start of another horror series. With a twist I didn’t see coming and an ending that will leave you gasping you will be hungering for the next.

Recommended for 8th grade and up because of lots of gruesome violence – we are talking zombies after all!



Student Blogger Samantha H. Reviews UGLIES: SHAY’S STORY November 24, 2013

Uglies: Shay’s Story by Scott Westerfeld is the story of Shay’s life in Uglyville. Shay thinks that “This whole game is just designed to make us hate ourselves.” When the teenagers of Uglyville turn 16, they get the operation called “the Surge”. It turns them into Pretties and moves them into New Pretty Town where all day long they get to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Shay meets David and finds out that getting “the Surge” isn’t her only option. She can stay ugly forever, but it comes with a price. To have a life of perks being a Pretty or stay Ugly and have the rewards of being real – which would you choose?

I liked this science fiction graphic novel a lot because it was super short. Personally, I was able to read it in a day. Uglies: Shay’s Story also gave me a different view on the book Uglies since it was told by Shay instead of Tally. This book would be great for anyone that wants a short book to read, and/or for someone who likes graphic novels/ science fiction. If you liked Uglies, then you will like this book.


Student Blogger Kelly P. Reviews SURVIVORS

Survivors by Allan Zullo and Mara Bovsum is a nonfiction book. This book has many different true stories of children in the Holocaust and the gruesome times they went through. One  story in particular stuck out to me where a Jewish family living in a town full of Jews knew that eventually they were going to get caught by the Nazis. They left their house and the family went farm to farm, hiding in haystacks. Then one day while this family was in hiding, they recognized a man and he was willing to take the family into his house to care for them, but what this family didn’t know though is that they were going to live in the man’s crawlspace. The Engelbergs, the family, hated living in there and didn’t  know if they could survive that dreadful time.

I enjoyed this this book because all the stories were so engaging and I wanted to keep reading. It is a shorter book, only 196 pages, but the content was sometimes confusing to me because of the many German words in it. I think this book is good for young teens. If you liked Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, you’ll like Survivors even better.


Student Blogger Steven S. Reviews 100 MOST DISGUSTING THINGS ON THE PLANET

imgres-8The book 100 Most Disgusting Things on The Planet is an informative book because it has all facts in the book.  The author of the book is Anna Claybourne. This book is all about different revolting habits to nauseating foods. Each  entry includes, a yuck-rating and all the disgusting details you need to prepare yourself for the real-life scenario.
Are you prepared for the worst, or ready to face the most disgusting things you would ever encounter? If not, I advise you to stop reading. This book is a fast, quick read, plus if you need a Halloween book that’s nasty, this book is good for you. I recommend this book to all the people that love nasty reads.


Student Blogger Megan G. Reviews MORE BADDER GRAMMAR

imgres-7More Badder Grammar by Sharon Eliza Nichols  is about how even professional companies and schools make mistakes on their billboards or even school signs. For example, say that there is a website for Verizon and you look even closer to the websites main page. You notice that they even spell the name of their own company wrong.

I liked this text because you find out that no company or business is perfect or better than the leading competitor. I would recommend this to teachers and businesses because I think they would enjoy learning about mistakes that they or anyone else made. I am positive that if you liked More Badder Grammar, than you would also like I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar.