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Ready for Anything??? January 15, 2014

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imgresI’m a HUGE historical fiction fan. I know that isn’t typical for most readers, but I love history. In a time of so many series, there are a few that I believe have been overlooked. Once such is the series about Mary ‘Jacky’ Faber, Ship’s Boy by L.A. Meyer.

Mary is feeling beyond hopeless. When she loses both her parents and her sister in a matter of two days to a dreadful disease in London, 1797. Luckily, for Mary, she is accosted after she runs out of the only home she’s ever known, and right into the hands of Charlie’s gang. Charlie’s gang is a misfit group of children lost to the streets. Her life continues on with the gang for some time until one night, things go badly for Charlie. Mary sees a chance to change her life forever. The question is, can she pull it off, will she be strong enough, and if she does take the chance, what happens if she is discovered?

Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer is the first book in this fast paced, exciting, swashbuckling adventure. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to laugh and gasp at this incredible character.

Highly recommended for grades 7 and up.


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