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How can one bug disturb an entire campus? February 15, 2014

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imgres-5By: Chris Wooding

After a student is bitten by a bug and taken to the school nurse, who knew that this would change the entire campus of students and teachers involved. We find out that this bug and other creatures, have been infected with a virus that will turn flesh into metal and thus turning people into mindless, but killing machines.

With a variety of characters and points of view along the way, the story can become slightly confusing at times, but also keeps things interesting. One science teacher tries to rally up as many students as he can to help them protect themselves from these machines that are beginning to crawl all over campus looking to infect and produce more flesh-eating machines. A few students begin to gather together to create a united front and fight against these machines. Although some of the characters make poor decisions and risk their lives, there are others that rise in the face of danger and show their true leadership skills.

Although in a genre that typically is not deemed my favorite, the horror and suspense that was created, was something I couldn’t walk away from. I definitely appreciated the perspectives included, as well as the ending where we can see the whole story come together.


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