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What would you do if you were constantly on the run? February 15, 2014

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Don’t Turn Aroundimgres-6

By: Michelle Gagnon

Tags: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction

Our two main characters here are Noa and Peter. We begin with Noa- a foster kid who doesn’t have a family to call her own. The book starts with a heightened sense of thrill when Noa wakes up on a table in a warehouse in nothing but a hospital gown. In not recollecting anything that had taken place beforehand, she instantly tries to escape. Using her incredible street-smarts she’s picked up while primarily caring for herself for so long, she is able to do so.

Then, we meet Peter- a rich kid who takes pleasure in computer-hacking and not his parents money. When he begins to search through his father’s secret files one night, a man breaks into his home, steals his computer, and leaves.

How do these two stories come together? Well, when Peter continues to delve into this program that obviously has some restrictions and danger, he reaches out to other computer hackers for assistance, which happens to be none other than Noa. As they both continue to explore their own situations, they begin to see how their stories really do intertwine.

This story has a lot of complexity in following along the various plot lines, but the intensity, suspense, and smart creativity used along the way is like none other. As Noa and Peter continue to try to solve this mystery, get the “bad guys” while also potentially saving other people’s lives, they continue to ask themselves if it will be enough. The book ends rather abruptly with a lot of unanswered questions, which is why I cannot wait to begin the sequel: Don’t Look Now! Read if you dare!


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