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Vampires, Ghosts & Corsets October 30, 2014

Filed under: Historical Fiction,Mystery and Ghost Stories — lpitrak @ 7:27 pm

Spiritglass Charade

Beautiful, charming Evaline Stoker (sister of famous Bram Stoker- author of Dracula) and Mina Holmes (niece of famous Sherlock Holmes- detective) team up for a second time in this awesome mystery.  London’s favorite princess calls upon Evaline and Mina for a personal request.  One of her best friends, Miss Willa Ashton, is a seventeen-year-old beauty who is heir to a large fortune.  Miss Ashton’s mother has passed away, and her ten-year-old brother has recently disappeared.  Out of grief, Miss Ashton has been consulting spiritual mediums that intelligent, practical minded Mina is positive are frauds who are trying to drive the fragile girl crazy, or even to her death.  Meanwhile, Evaline has been sensing the presence of a large number of vampires in London, and is impatient to start hunting the undead.  Are the London vampires and ghosts tied together as part of the same similar plots?  Evaline and Mina are determined to find out, even if it means causing a lot of trouble, and breaking all of the rules of polite society along the way!


One Response to “Vampires, Ghosts & Corsets”

  1. Tre-Anthony LAMe Says:

    This is a great book review just make sure that you dont give to much away.

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