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The Librarian is a Demon…No Really He IS! March 31, 2015

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So, Cyn -short for Cynthia- realizes that not much can penetrate her laser focus when Ryan is around  (the guy she’s been majorly crushing on forEVER but doesn’t know she exists), but still, something is up when her normally unflappable, positive and totally supportive best friend.  Annie suddenly seems really taken with the new school librarian. Not as in, oh, he recommends such great books to me, but as in so taken that it is creepy and inappropriate.

imgresCyn decides she needs to check things out since Annie can’t stop gushing about Mr. Gabriel. When Cyn meets him, she agrees with Annie that, yes, he is quite attractive, but there is something that is a bit, well, OFF, about him that Cyn just can’t put her finger on. However, Annie will hear nothing against her new guy (again – ick) and proceeds to begin to shut Cyn out of her life. Cyn realizes that Mr. Gabriel is doing something to the students at her school. He touches them and they get kind of foggy looking and out of it. Cyn sees Ryan (AKA – love of her life) talking to one of his zombie/ foggy friends and she mentions that she thinks there is something strange going on with Mr. Gabriel. Of course she knows this sounds totally crazy, until she is proven right.

Turns out …he’s a demon, and he wants her best friend to become his demon bride. Double ick! So it is up to Cyn to try to save not only Annie, but Ryan and…wait for it – her entire school – from Mr. Gabriel and his evil ways. The Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen will not disappoint. You will laugh out loud with this book, and be rooting for Cyn every step of the way, through murders and soul sucking and well, waiting for her first kiss from Ryan…which, let’s face it is right up there with saving her friend Annie from becoming a Demon’s bride!

Run out and get this book RIGHT NOW! It is a great read. It is funny, and scary and just plain downright WONDERFUL. Recommended for 8th grade and up.


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