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Good Intentions, Bad Actions December 20, 2015

Filed under: Novels in Verse,Realistic Fiction/ Contemporary Fiction — oneilllibrary @ 10:43 am

imgresHe was only trying to help his brother. But it all went wrong, really fast. Timothy’s younger brother Levi was born with a bad trachea. As a result, he needs a LOT of medical help. He has to have his airway held open by a tube that is inserted into his throat which can make things difficult for him to breath, eat, or make any noise at all. Timothy’s dad just up and leaves one day, which means now ¬†Timothy and his mom must try to provide everything for Levi.

In an attempt to make things better, Timothy steals a wallet and uses one of the credit cards to purchase medical supplies for his brother. He is caught. His sentence is to be on house arrest for one full year. That means only going to school and being in his house. Also, he must meet with a counselor and his probation officer each week and keep a journal of his thoughts and feelings.

House Arrest by K. A. Holt is a quick and heartfelt read. Written as a novel in verse, be prepared to have one sitting to read this book because once you start you will want to keep going.

Highly recommended for grades 6th and up.


2 Responses to “Good Intentions, Bad Actions”

  1. Joy Kirr Says:

    I loved this book! I really got to know TImothy – something rare for me to really know a character. I wanted to make sure he was okay throughout the book. Loved the fast-paced, ever-changing emotions of that great kid.

  2. bhomel Says:

    Just finished this one – what a great read!

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