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A-“Head” of Technology February 24, 2016

Filed under: Science Fiction Books — bhomel @ 3:02 pm

imgresIn my own genre classification system, Noggin is part science fiction and part realistic fiction. It’s a book that made me both laugh and cry.

Non-spoiler alert: Travis, the main character, dies. But this is nothing compared to what happens during the rest of the book…Travis comes back to life!

Travis had terminal cancer and was dying – his brain was healthy but his body was sick. Scientists were working on a cryogenics program. Travis signed up to have his head cut off and frozen in hopes that in the future it can be reattached to a healthy body.

Science doesn’t let Travis down. Travis “wakes up” five years after his death. For him, it only seems like he was only asleep for a few days but everyone around him has mourned his death. Time continued on. His friend and girlfriend are five years older than him and his parents have been through a lot. Needless to say, Travis is having a hard time keeping a clear head among all the changes.

Noggin is written by John Corey Whaley. Recommended for 8th grade and up.


One Response to “A-“Head” of Technology”

  1. Joy Kirr Says:

    This one was so very different – very intriguing to me! I hope others love it, too!

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