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Bull’s Eye Book Review by 7th Grader Addy C. April 12, 2018

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BullsBull’s Eye by Sarah N. Harvey is about a girl named Emily who finds out a huge secret that changes her life!

Emily’s life was all normal and then Emily’s mom hands her a box full of stuff from her aunt. A picture falls from the bottom of the box and it is a picture of Emily’s mom and her aunt standing outside the Hotel in Vancouver’s West End. A minute later, she looks at it and noticed that her aunt is very pregnant and her mom that she is living with now is not. This picture was taken not long before the day she was born. Emily wants to go find her real mom and her real dad. So she went to the Hotel in Vancouver to stay there. During the day, she would go looking for them. Emily searched for her parents for a week but it wasn’t easy to uncover the truth.

I think that everybody who likes mystery books would really like this book. I really liked this book because there were a lot of twists in this book. There were things I didn’t see coming. There are some mature words in this book so I think 7th and 8th graders should read this.


2 Responses to “Bull’s Eye Book Review by 7th Grader Addy C.”

  1. Sarah Harvey Says:

    Hi Addy,
    Thank you so much for your review of my book. It’s always wonderful to hear that my books are reaching the readers I hope they will reach. I’ve written three other book in the Soundings series. Hope you like them too. Happy reading!
    Sarah Harvey

    • Mrs. Homel Says:

      I am so proud of you Addy!!!! You have become an amazing reader this year! You are a reading leader too – you were the very first student to post a book review. I am proud of you and your reading! Keep it up!

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