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Whatever After Abby in Wonderland Review by 8th Grader Abby April 19, 2018

Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski is my favorite series in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!

This series is about a girl named Abby who just moved to Smithville with her family. When they moved to their new house, they saw a VERY old mirror. One night they heard a noise and they went to their basement and knocked on the mirror three times and they transported to a fairytale. Ever since that, they go into fairy tales EVERY midnight.


In the story Whatever After Abby in Wonderland, Abby, the main character,  went to her arch nemesis Penny’s house with her two great friends, Frankie and Robin. Abby is excited to go but she doesn’t like how Penny brags A LOT about how rich she is. When they all get there, they go outside and decide to play cards. While they’re playing, one of their cards flies away and lands by a hole in a golf park. Frankie goes and collects the card and she falls into the BIG HOLE! Abby gets scared and she goes after her with Robin and Penny. EW! When they land out of the hole, they find themselves in Alice in Wonderland. Robin and Penny are having A LOT of fun, While Abby is stressed out because they do not know her SECRET. Will she have to tell them her secret or will they ruin the story?

This book is very relatable because my name is Abby and the main character name is Abby. I love fairy tales, princesses, love, affection, and happy ending are my favorite! The author, Sarah Mlynowski, writes amazing fantasy which is up my alley. This book is a book that you would want to read in order of books to understand it, but if you don’t read them in order then it is ok. If you are into fairy tales and friendship then you will like this book and if you want to read the new book Whatever After Two Peas in a Pod is coming out on April 24, 2018!


2 Responses to “Whatever After Abby in Wonderland Review by 8th Grader Abby”

  1. Sydney Gorski Says:

    I love this review it is detailed! I promise you that the author will leave a comment!

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