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A Local Author’s First Novel! May 2, 2018

AT Alone Together is Sarah J. Donovan’s first novel and she’s just around the corner from my school! I was able to get my hand on a book before it was released. (Thanks Sarah!)

Sadie Carter is one of eleven girls in her family. She is never really alone but she feels very alone on the inside.

Some of her older siblings have left to live on their own. Despite there being less mouths to feed, Sadie still has to steal pop tarts to make sure she gets one before everyone else takes all the good stuff. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money because her dad is out of work. Sadie’s mom works two jobs and even Sadie works after school. She works at the pizza place after school because she really wants to save up enough money to buy a car and find her freedom one day.

At her job, Sadie meets Sam and a crush blossoms. She really likes him and meets another suitor too. Sadie also has a teacher in her corner as well. She finds people outside of her family to make her feel not so alone. At the end, Sadie has to stand on her on and make decisions that make sense for her life.

Alone Together by Sarah J Donovan is a novel in verse. If you like to read novels in verse, this is a must read! Sadie’s story is sad but by the end, I was happy for the path Sadie chose for herself. I could really relate to Sadie’s struggles even though I come from a small family. I liked how the author repeatedly used the idea of being alone even when together with others.


One Response to “A Local Author’s First Novel!”

  1. Sheila Welch Says:

    Wow! I’m an author also, and I am impressed with your reviews, “bhomel”. ALONE TOGETHER sounds as though it would be quite different from the usual teen novel. I see that two of my novels are included on this site. Have you read WAITING TO FORGET or THE SHADOWED UNICORN? If you have, I’d be interested in reading your reviews of them or your comments under the reviews that are already posted. Thanks!!

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