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Time Is Running Out May 2, 2018

Filed under: Realistic Fiction/ Contemporary Fiction — oneilllibrary @ 8:35 am

Jess has had a really rough year, but her friend, Eden has helped her through it. Then, something tragic happens in Eden’s life. And while Jess still isn’t fully recovered from her own trauma, she and Eden’s boyfriend, Liam, decide they will make sure Eden is good for the summer. And they do. Or they think they do. But once school starts up again, Jess feels Eden is just putting on a show of being okay. She isn’t sure how she can help Eden though.

Then, it happens. Eden disappears. No one knows where she is or what has happened. The last person to see her was her boyfriend, Liam, so right away the police and everyone else begin to suspect he might have hurt her. But Jess can’t quite believe that. Especially because she has secretly been crushing on Liam for ages. Still, where can Eden be? And what has happened? Was she kidnapped? Did someone hurt her? Did she leave her house after Liam dropped her off? So many questions and Jess, who thought she knew everything about Eden, can’t answer any of them.

Eden Summer by Liz Flanagan takes place in England so there are a few things that might confuse the reader, although for the most part it shouldn’t impede too much on the story for the typical reader. The story is a series of flashbacks and memories and Jess’ own secrets are slowly revealed. While I wasn’t fully involved in this story, I can see how others would be. I did feel the ending and Eden’s reason for disappearing weren’t fully explained to my satisfaction.

Recommended for grades 8th and up.


One Response to “Time Is Running Out”

  1. Maddy Says:

    this book looks really good and i might have to read it.

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