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Lions of Little Rock Review by 7th Grader Litzy May 9, 2018

LIn the book The Lions Of Little Rock By Kristin Levine, Marlee is at school when a new student named Elizabeth comes to her school. Elizabeth is African American but everyone thinks that she is white because her skin was lighter. Then Sally, one of their classmates, tells everyone Elizabeth’s secret that she is not white. Now almost everyone does not like Elizabeth except Marlee and Little Jimmy. They can’t hang out together because their parents won’t let them and it could be dangerous. They send letters to each other and hide being friends.

In honesty I liked the book –  it is very good and it has good parts and sad parts. At times when the good parts happen, it gets boring. So it goes on and off so it is good at times and boring at parts for me. But over all the book is very good. What I liked about this book is that no matter what got between them or what tried to separate Marlee and Elizabeth, they still are friends.


4 Responses to “Lions of Little Rock Review by 7th Grader Litzy”

  1. Kristin Levine Says:

    Thanks for your review!

  2. Mrs. Homel Says:

    I loved this book! It’s a sweet book about true friendship. Did you figure out why the title has the word lion in it?

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