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They Had a Plan September 28, 2020

Filed under: Mystery and Ghost Stories,Realistic Fiction/ Contemporary Fiction — oneilllibrary @ 8:00 am

Chloe and Finn had been friends ever since Chloe moved next door. Now that is a bit relative, since they live in the country, so next door wasn’t quite as close as in the suburbs or for sure the city, but still, close enough. While Finn is pretty happy with life and how things are going, Chloe always seems to want more. And when a college counselor comes to the school and starts talking about how to get noticed by colleges, Chloe starts to get an idea. An idea that at first Finn things is a joke, but it turns out Chloe is serious.

downloadThe plan seems harmless enough, until things start to go wrong and then Finn begins to wonder just what Chloe’s plan was from the beginning. And if the part Finn thinks she was to play, is the same as what Chloe had planned for her.

Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan takes the idea of friendship and shows just how far someone will go to preserve it and how little another will go to lose it.

Recommended for 8th grade and up.


One Response to “They Had a Plan”

  1. Alexander Charvat Says:

    It sounds like a good book

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