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Our focus is on books middle school students might like to read and topics pertaining to books for these students, and we are giving recommendations. Teachers, librarians and middle school students are the contributors to this blog. If you would like to listen to booktalks of some of these books, please check out this site and enjoy!

What Made Them Different Could Save Them July 11, 2022

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downloadAnaya feels she is allergic to the world! Each year she seems to get allergic to something new and it all makes her life not so much fun. Especially as a teenager. Nothing great about acne that won’t stop, asthma all the time, and what seem to be the most limited diet of foods, while somehow still actually surviving. Anaya thinks if she could only still have friends, at least things would be a bit better. But no, after having a falling out with her one best friend a few years ago, she feels alone. At least she has her parents.

Seth is alone, but he’s hoping that his latest foster placement is going to work out, long term. He’s been bounced around so much. This family seems to need and want him, but he knows how quickly things can change. And there really is no point in getting to know the students at school – not that anyone is going out of their way to reach out to him anyway.

Petra is also allergic, but her allergy is to water. Yup, water. If she gets regular water on her skin it burns and get all irritated. She and Anaya used to be best friends, but things changed as they got older. Now they seem to be enemies.

All three of these teens lives change and converge after one crazy rainstorm. After that storm, plants that grow at an alarming rate spring up everywhere. At first they just seem to be a nuisance. But quickly it appears the plants might be harmful. Like bad enough to actually kill people. The strange thing is, Seth, Anaya and Petra don’t appear to be impacted by these plants at all. It’s almost like they have immunity to them. But how can that be?

Bloom by Kenneth Oppel is the first book in the Overthrow trilogy. The book keeps the reader and the characters on their toes, because things keep changing and fast!

Recommended for 6th grade and up.


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