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The Angels are Coming…RUN! June 24, 2013

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imgresIt has only been six weeks. Six weeks and everyones lives have been turned upside down, and flipped and well, Penryn can’t even count all the ways her life has gone to hell…or should we say, to the Angels. Six weeks ago, the apocalypse began with Angels coming down to earth…and killing humans and destroying cities around the world.

Penryn is 17 years old in the book Angelfall by Susan Ee and trying to keep her small family together after this momentous change on earth. Her mother, at the best of times a lucid caring mother, and at the worst of times, a woman haunted by demons she believes are real, hasn’t had her medication for paranoid schizophrenic for some weeks now, and it is showing. Paige, Penryn’s disabled younger sister of 7, is in a wheelchair ever since her legs were injured in an accident years before. But how do you outrun an Angel? Or Angels as the case may be?

As Penryn and her small family begin to make a run for the hills outside of Silicon Valley, CA, they encounter not one Angel, but six. Five of them appear to be attacking one, one with snowy white wings, wings that Penryn watches being cut from his body as she and her mother and sister huddle behind an abandoned parked car. Paige’s small gasp of empathy for the wingless Angel draws attention to them and as Penryn attempts to help the downed Angel, another snatches her baby sister from her wheelchair and carries her away.

Her mother has run off, her darling baby sister has been taken by an Angel, and Penryn realizes her only hope of finding her again is to take the bleeding, dying Angel from the street and get him to talk, by any means necessary.

Of course, this appears to be the first book in a series, but I have to tell you, this is one that I’ll pick up the second book, because this first one was a great nonstop read.

Recommended for mature 8th graders and up.