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Poison can be awesome ( If it is this book that is)! May 17, 2013

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Sometimes you just need a book that is a little bit different. It might be a little quirk; a little dangerous perhaps? That is what I found in Poison by Bridget Zinn. I really enjoyed it and wished there was even more to this fun adventure!

Kyra is a Master Potioner at the age of 16.  She is also a wanted criminal. Kyra tried to kill the Princess Ariana but her arrow missed. The Princess also was her best friend until this dreadful incident. Now Kyra must find the princess before she destroys the kingdom or before Kyra gets arrested and thrown in the dungeon. Kyra’s only allies in this quest are wanderer Fred, his dog Langley, and a tracking teacup piglet that Fred names Rosie. Kyra had been having visions of the kingdom in ruins after the Princess’s marriage. Will Kyra be able to stop the destruction before it is too late?

This story is quirky and

not what you are expecting. The storyline takes lots of twisted and turns and the relationships of Kyra’s are explained quite nicely. There is also a lot of humor involved including chasing after a tracking piglet and underwear with a kitty on them. This story is never boring and always moving.

 If you liked fractured fairytales, or books by Vivian Vande Velde then you’ll feel right at home in this kingdom full of magic, poison, and intrigue.