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A Secret Society, or Something Else? December 20, 2013

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It is hard to start at a new school. Always. But for Mickey, it has been really hard. His father was killed in a car accident, his mother hasn’t been able to cope with the death and has been doing drugs. As a result, she is in a rehab place and Mickey is forced to live with his Uncle Myron.

imgresSo life is pretty miserable for Mickey. The only bright spot has been another new student whose name is Ashley. Ashley and Mickey begin sort of dating, but suddenly, Ashley has disappeared. Just as disturbing, an old woman tells Mickey one day on his way to school that his father is still alive! Just hearing that as a possibility gets Mickey’s heart racing. Could it be true? And how would this old woman know anything about his father?

Nothing is making sense. So it is up to Mickey and some friends he makes along the way to try to piece together what happened to Ashley and if his father is still alive. Shelter by Harlan Coben is a mystery for mystery fans. But be prepared. Not all will be revealed, because –  of course –  this is the first book in a series.

For grades 7 and up.