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Would you want to be Immortal? August 1, 2013

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Iimgresmagine never aging, never getting sick, never dying. Ever. Would you want that? What if you were the only one? Would you feel lonely, watching everyone you ever loved die?

Pia is perfect. At least that is what all her aunts and uncles at Little Cam say about her. From the day she was born, sixteen years before, all she’s ever heard is that she’s perfect. Perfect in that she can’t be killed, can’t get sick, and probably won’t really ever age much past her 20s. All her aunts and uncles and her mother and father are scientists, who have been continuing work that was begun in the early 1900s to create a race of immortal beings. Finally, with the birth of Pia, they have achieved the first immortal in the world.

But for Pia, while the compound she lives in called Little Cam is all she’s ever known, the arrival of a new scientist makes her long for what is beyond the electrified fences. After meeting a native boy in the jungle forest, she begins to long for more. Are the fences really to protect her, or to keep her in. As Pia gets closer to passing her final test, which will give her access to being on the team that works on the immoral race, she begins to wonder if creating another person like herself is really what she wants.

In Origin by Jessica Khoury, Pia has the opposite problem many of us do. She doesn’t fear death. However, like many of us, she worries about being alone. The journey she makes from a trusting teen to a questioning one and finally being able to make her own decisions is a story many will enjoy.

Recommended for 8th grade and up.