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Survivor by 7th Grader Christopher M. December 9, 2016

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A man named Louie Zamperini, an Olympic runner that can run a mile in 4:06 seconds became a military Air Force pilot. He flew to the Atlantic Ocean on this B-24 called the Green HImage result for unbroken by laura hillenbrand young adult versionornet. The  Japanese military Air Force attacked the Green Hornet and his crew mates got stranded but some died in an accident in the Pacific Ocean. They tried to survive the several months and tried to get to land but the Japanese captured Louie and Phil. They took Louie and Phil to a POW prison camp. Louie survived and escaped the prison camps that made him suffer, the ones that tortured him and hit him and also the guards that kept him captive, so he can see His family again during the years he had been away.


Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand is a good and adventurous book for anybody who like survival stories to read this book that was a really emotional story about history of World War II and Olympic Runners and I’ll rate it a 5 star book.