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Read A-Likes for Rick Riordan Fans October 29, 2012

Currently, I’m involved in the new (well newer) series by Rick Riordan, The Kane Chronicles. I’m on the first book, The Red Pyramid. Now, I will confess, I’m not super into this book, except for Saddie, who is a hoot and holler. I know if I end up booktalking this book, she will be part of what I read out loud for sure! I felt the same way about The Lightning Thief. Just too much running around and peril all the time for me, I guess. But as I’m reading this book, which is really popular in our library, as well as Riordan’s other newer series – Heroes of Olympus – I realized I have a perfect recommendation for students who are looking for a completed series while waiting for the next installment from Riordan for either of his series.

Garth Nix has a series called Keys to the Kingdom which starts with the book Mister Monday. In it we meet Arthur Penhaligon, a sickly boy, who is late starting school – at a new school – because he has been ill with asthma. On the first day, he is asked to go running, which he knows will bring up his asthma again, but the gym teacher has no pity and makes him run anyway. As he is running he has an attack, and while he is lying on the ground in what he is sure will be his final moments, a strange being appears pushing a man in what appears to be some kind of old wheelchair. They give Arthur a key because,as he is listening to the 2 men argue, they believe he is moments away from death. But something happens when Arthur touches the key. He lives. And thus begins his strange journey to – what else – save the world.

Any fan of Riordan’s newest series’ should take time to explore author Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom. It will be a ¬†worth while journey.