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Lady Thief February 10, 2014



(This review is done based off an Advance Reader’s Copy)

Lady Thief, sequel to A.C. Gaughen’s Scarlet, has even more adventure and intrigue than the first book!  It is now known throughout Nottingham that Will Scarlet, aka Scar, the most reclusive and brooding member of Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men, is not a man at all.  Instead, “he” is truly Lady Marion, a noblewoman on the run from an arranged marriage, who has trained herself to be exactingly deadly with daggers.  

At the end of Scarlet, Lady Marion wed heartless Lord Gisbourne to save Robin Hood from further torture and certain execution.  She is now treated like Gisbourne’s puppet and plaything at court, while plotting venomous revenge in secret.  At the same time, Robin is on his own mission to be elected as the people’s choice for new Sheriff of Nottingham.  But Prince John has other, more sinister ideas.

In Lady Marion, still known as Scar to her band of sworn brothers and thieves, A.C. Gaughen has created a very remarkable, unforgettable character.  She is a young woman still mourning the death of her beloved sister and protector, a noblewoman used like a pawn by her unsympathetic parents, and a trained killer who demonstrates again and again an overwhelming commitment to protecting the lives of innocent citizens.  Furthermore, while Robin recognizes himself as a hero and the rightful protector of the people of Nottingham, Marion struggles to reconcile her prowess for murder and thievery with her desire to be a good person.  Luckily, Robin and the rest of the Merry Men are always there to remind Scar of her generosity, bravery, and selflessness.

This is a perfect read for fans of Robin LaFever’s Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph who are dying for Mortal Heart to be released in April! 


Book Two in His Fair Assassin Series April 18, 2013

DarkTriumphA few weeks ago, I posted about how amazing Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers is.  I am now about halfway through Dark Triumph, the second book in her His Fair Assassin series, and I am so thrilled that the second book is just as good as the first!!!  Dark Triumph is also concerned with d’Albret’s malicious plotting against the young Dutchess of Britony.  Instead of Ismae’s perspective however, we are now getting the story from her Sister in Death, Sybella.  Sybella, who was half crazy and suicidal when first sent to the convent of Saint Mortain to train as an assassin, has now been sent to shadow d’Albret and foil any plans of his to assassinate the Dutchess or aid France in overthrowing her kingdom.

But as we soon learn, Sybella’s fragile emotional state was the result of her mental and physical as a daughter of d’Albret.  Will this mission prove to be too difficult, causing one of Death’s handmaidens to take her own life instead of the life of her target?  I can’t wait to find out!!

Coming soon will be Mortal Heart, from the point of view of Annith, stuck like a prisoner in the convent awaiting her role as next Seer.  What an awesome, addicting new series!!!!