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A Book and a Movie! June 15, 2013

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Tiger Eyes was first published in 1981. Judy Blume was a popular author in the 80s-90s. Her books were the kind you read secretly and told your friends about because Judy Blume wrote about growing up and had occasional curse words. Judy Blume’s books were a little edgier than most books you read in middle school.

Fast forward to 2013 and Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes is now a movie! When I heard about the upcoming movie release, I decided to read the book.

Tiger Eyes is about a girl named Davey. Davey’s father is killed in a robbery at his store. Davey’s mom decides a change of scenery is needed after the tragedy. Davey, her mom, and younger brother head to New Mexico to stay with her aunt and uncle. Not only does Davey feel like she’s lost her dad, but her mom slowly starts to fall into depression. Davey feels alone in a new place. Her aunt and uncle try to  pick up the pieces and take control of the family. To help escape, Davey begins to explore Los Alamos by riding her bike to the canyon and climbing down the rocks. It is here where she meets Wolf – he not only helps her back up the canyon but teaches her how to climb. There’s something about Wolf that makes Davey feel like he’s a true friend. After spending time in New Mexico and with Wolf, Davey finally learns how to face the tragedy of her father’s death and her sadness.

Tiger Eyes is about losing someone close to you and finding the strength to move forward. It is recommended for mature readers. The movie has several differences than the book so I recommend reading the book first and then catching the entertaining flick. The movie is rated PG-13.


The Books Are Always Better (Even when the movies are pretty good) November 16, 2012

Sometimes a book, or 4 in this case, can really have an impact on you.

After seeing the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight all I can say is I am so glad I read the books! As I watched, I laughed, held my breath in shock, almost wanted to cry, remembered how much I enjoyed reading all 4 books in a matter of weeks, and felt sad now that it’s over after years of following the Twilight saga.

If you didn’t read the books, you might go see the movie and possibly enjoy it. If you did read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, then you know the story. You have gone along for the journey and been a part of Bella and Edward’s forbidden love. You may even be on Team Jacob and wished Bella would have ended up with him instead.

And when you do see the movie, you will be speechless when you notice that Stephenie Meyer decided, for the first time, to stray from the story! You are going to gasp and say, “This isn’t what happened in the book!” I bet when you leave that theater, you too will be saying the same thing I did, ” I am so glad I read the books before ever seeing any of the movies.”

Come to think of it, I’ve always said that about movies made from books – the books are always better.