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The Power to Kill? February 22, 2017

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This latest from Neal Shusterman imagines a world where human beings have conquered everything– the lack of environmental issues, disease, old age, accidents and poverty means people are literally living in a world without death. However, the Earth’s capacity to sustain human life has not increased, and without any natural deaths, the mortality rate must be stabilized… and this is the duty of the Scythes. To be chosen as a Scythe is an honor, as well as a huge responsibility. They are charged with “gleaning” the population– killing individuals to keep the population size stable. Highschoolers Citra and Rowan are both chosen as apprentice scythes, handpicked to be killers because of their morality and compassion. As they are soon to discover, though, not all Scythes have retained their sense of goodness and integrity. Can Citra and Rowan survive intense training, lies, secrets, and deep betrayal during their year as apprentices? And even if they can… what will happen once they are initiated? This newest by Neal Shusterman is a brilliant, action-packed book which questions what makes us human, and what meaning is contained in a life with no death.


Guest Blogger – Mrs. Ferroli 7th Grade LA teacher November 20, 2012

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I just finished reading UnWholly written by Neal Shusterman. UnWholly is the sequel to Unwind.



Although I enjoy series, I often think the best book of the series is the first book. I enjoyed Unwind, however, I LOVED UnWholly. I liked that the book continued the story of several of the main characters from the first book and also introduced a few new characters that should have an integral role in the third book. Although I found the book to be dark and actually had to put the book down and walk away from it at times, I really enjoyed the last 200 pages. My only frustration is having to wait until Fall of 2013 for the third book, UnSouled.  🙂