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Seemed like an Ordinary Day… December 9, 2014

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When his mom was waiting for him after school, Ronan was a bit surprised. After all she didn’t usually pick him up but he was okay with her taking him to gymnastics class. However, once he got in the car, she didn’t head to where his gym was. That was when things went from normal to way past anything resembling normal.

As Ronan’s mom is speeding down the road, she mentions that Ronan’s dad has been kidnapped and she needs toimgres go find him. But before she can go find him, she needs to get Ronan to safety by sending him on a train to Washington, D.C. Ronan is just staring at her, trying to figure out what the deal is, and if she has completely lost her mind, when she begins zooming in and out of traffic. She claims people in red SUVs are after them and are trying to kill them. Ronan is speechless. What has happened to his down to earth mother and is his dad really missing?

Ronan’s mom takes him into a park to try to get away from the “bad guys” and does some things that Ronan can’t even believe he sees. She explains she’s part of an organization called the Blood Guard who are charged with protecting certain special people. But before he can learn more, she dumps him at the train station telling him he’ll meet someone there that will help him.

The Blood Guard by Carter Roy is as fast paced as you would expect. Full of action, sword fights, crazy guns and just plain old magic at times, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Recommended for grades 6th and up.