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Vampires, Oh MY! November 11, 2012

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ImageSick of the sweet vampires in Twilight and the whole saga? Well, welcome to a world where vampires have taken over and the only humans living are called hepers and have to live in a special protected dome to keep the vampires from getting them. In The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda with so few humans alive, when a Heper Hunt is announced all the vampires are thrilled with the idea of hunting the last few remaining humans. All except Gene, who just happens to be human and has been living and passing for a vampire his whole life. When Gene is selected for the Heper Hunt, his biggest fear – that he’ll be discovered and consumed by the other vampires on the hunt – could come true if he isn’t very careful.

This book is a fantastic read, and one I couldn’t put down till I finished it late the other night. What is cool about this book is it really makes you think about what it would be like to live among people who would kill you in a heart beat if they knew you weren’t who they thought you were. Gene has times when he has to figure out what it means to be human and if he even wants to be. The problem is, he cant’ change who he is, as much as he might want to. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series because there is quite a twist at the end of The Hunt.

Recommended for grades 7 and up.