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Triplets or Clones? June 14, 2013

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DownloadedFile-2The Originals By Cat Patrick

After such fabulous reads from Forgotten and Revived, I was incredibly excited to read Cat Patrick’s next book, and it definitely did not disappoint! This book draws you in from the very start, as we meet the three main characters that are all sharing one life, as a result of a cloning experiment trying to be kept underwraps. As the girls are maturing and meeting more people in their high school, they start questioning their identities start wanting to know more about how they came to be. Could you imagine only going to school for part of the day, only to have your sister finish out the rest of the day for you? Could you imagine having to stay in during the nighttime while your third sister was out taking other courses? All definitely questions that these three sisters or clones asked themselves. Finally, the idea of dating comes into the picture- would you want to share the same guy with your other two sisters? Probably not… as these girls later come to find out. This book has a lot of great dimensions, is relatable to what most teens go through on a regular-basis, just heightened, and will engage you all the way to the book’s conclusion. There is a ton of great mystery embedded into the book along with drama, romance, and of course some science-fiction! A great read that won’t leave you disappointed!