Books in the Middle: Reading for Middle School

Our focus is on books middle school students might like to read and topics pertaining to books for these students, and we are giving recommendations. Teachers, librarians and middle school students are the contributors to this blog. Enjoy!

Rebound Book Review by 7th Grader Evan May 9, 2018

RBRebound by Kwame Alexander is about a kid named Charlie who always talks back to his mom and gets in trouble a lot. He talks back to his mom because his dad died. Charlie’s mom said we are going to Disney World because he felt sad. He said no, so he went to his grandpa’s house and he learned how to play basketball.

One night, Charlie, his friend Skinny, and Skinny’s cousin Ivan were going to a convenient store. They saw these cans on an old lady’s porch and Skinny had an idea. His idea was to take the cans and turn it into money so they took the cans and turned it into money and they went to the convenient store to get junk food. Charlie spends the whole summer at his grandparent’s house. If it wasn’t for his grandpa, he wouldn’t have learned how to be a basketball player. This book is called rebound because Charlie is good at rebounds.

This is a good basketball book and interesting book but you should read The Crossover first before you read Rebound.



Taking Life’s Punches

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Levi feels like all his life his mom and older brother, Timothy, have watched over him so much that it can be hard to breathe sometimes! Ironically, that is the actual problem with him. Levi, when he was an infant, had a trachea that was compromised and it made it hard to breathe and eat and he was very sick for a long time. Now that he’s older though, he feels he can do much more, more than his brother and mother think.

Levi’s dad seems to see the potential he has, and encourages him to take up a sport. When Levi throws out the idea of boxing, his dad laughs, but goes along with it. What neither of them expects, least of all Levi, is that boxing turns out to be his sport! But it has to be kept a secret because there is NO WAY his mom will let him box, not with his history of medical problems. So how do you tell a mother and brother that you love, it’s time to let go, just a little bit?

Knock Out by K.A. Holt is the sequel to House Arrest and gives the reader Levi’s life as a teenager. If you haven’t read House Arrest, you don’t need to, although, it is a great book so you should! Levi learns some hard lessons about who you can really count on when the going gets tough; a lesson we all learn at some point in our lives.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves Novels In Verse and good stories. For grades 6th and up.


Solo Book Review by 8th Grader Jimena May 7, 2018

soloIn Solo By Kwame Alexander Blade is a kid that is being lied to a lot by his father Rex and he’s just trying to make sense of all his problems in his head. Blade finds a horrifying truth about him and his family and doesn’t  know what to do next so he runs. Blade runs to Africa to find someone important to him that will change the way he sees life. Blade will find someone equally as important or maybe more important who will give him the answers to all his questions so he can make peace with himself as well as with his family. He doesn’t know who he is and his whole life he has been judged because of his father and has been compared to him as well. Blade has been told that he will do alcohol and drugs like his dad without people giving him the benefit of the doubt. When Blade finds out about his family’s secret, he can’t believe all the things he had to go through, like embarrassment and the comparison to his dad. When Blade left, he left to find answers and to find out who he really is. Will he finally find the answers to all his questions.

I considered this book to be fantastic because it makes you more aware of the people around you. I feel like it also teaches you to choose the people who you want in your life wisely because they can end up stabbing you in the back. In my opinion, Solo shows you to appreciate the life you have and the people you have in your life because while you have it bad, there might be someone who has it even worse.



A Local Author’s First Novel! May 2, 2018

AT Alone Together is Sarah J. Donovan’s first novel and she’s just around the corner from my school! I was able to get my hand on a book before it was released. (Thanks Sarah!)

Sadie Carter is one of eleven girls in her family. She is never really alone but she feels very alone on the inside.

Some of her older siblings have left to live on their own. Despite there being less mouths to feed, Sadie still has to steal pop tarts to make sure she gets one before everyone else takes all the good stuff. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money because her dad is out of work. Sadie’s mom works two jobs and even Sadie works after school. She works at the pizza place after school because she really wants to save up enough money to buy a car and find her freedom one day.

At her job, Sadie meets Sam and a crush blossoms. She really likes him and meets another suitor too. Sadie also has a teacher in her corner as well. She finds people outside of her family to make her feel not so alone. At the end, Sadie has to stand on her on and make decisions that make sense for her life.

Alone Together by Sarah J Donovan is a novel in verse. If you like to read novels in verse, this is a must read! Sadie’s story is sad but by the end, I was happy for the path Sadie chose for herself. I could really relate to Sadie’s struggles even though I come from a small family. I liked how the author repeatedly used the idea of being alone even when together with others.


House Arrest Book Review by 7th Grader Alexis April 26, 2018


In House Arrest by K.A Holt, Timothy is a good kid who did a bad thing. He is caught stealing. Now he’s under house arrest for a whole year. Timothy can only go to certain places like school and home. He has to check in weekly with a probation officer and a therapist, he keeps a journal, and stays out of trouble. But then he must take drastic measures to help his little brother Levi who breathes through a trach tube that frequently clogs. Staying out of trouble proves more difficult than Timothy ever thought it would be.

This book is pretty complicated and a good twisted story. When I first read this book, I enjoyed reading this book. Once I got to the middle, it got boring for a little while, but once I got into more of the story, I really liked it. I recommend anyone who is reading this blog post to read this book immediately!!!


First Crossover, Then Rebound April 4, 2018

Rebound by Kwame Alexander is the prequel to the book The Crossover.  Rebound goes back in time to tell the story of Charlie “Chuck” Bell and how basketball became his life before he grew up, settled down, got married, and had Jordan and Josh Bell, the main characters in The Crossover.

RBCharlie Bell is hit hard by his father’s sudden death. Anger and confusion change Charlie’s outlook and his relationship with his mom. Things at home get bad and Charlie’s mom decides to ship him off to his grandparent’s house for the summer. Grandpa Bell is ready to put Charlie, or as he calls him – Chuck, to work! Charlie just wants to read comics all day but Grandpa isn’t having that! Aside from hard labor, Charlie tags along to the Boys and Girls Club (similar to the YMCA) with his Grandpa and Roxie, his cousin. Roxie is a dedicated basketball player. Charlie doesn’t even like basketball, in fact, he’s terrible at it! Charlie is coerced into filling in a spot during a 3 on 3 game and that is the beginning of his new found interest in the game. Over the summer, Charlie learns a lot about basketball, his family, and himself. Chuck turns things around and is able to rebound on the basketball court and in his life.

If you’ve already read The Crossover, this is a must read! I read The Crossover several years ago but it all came back to me as I read Rebound. I was able to make connections between both books. When I got to the end, there was a great surprise waiting that I did not expect! I loved The Crossover and LOVED Rebound even more, and I’m not even a basketball fan!

The author, Kwame Alexander, mixes up this novel in verse by throwing in some comic strip pages throughout the story. Get your hands on this book because it will not disappoint!



Ghost in the Elevator March 25, 2018

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downloadIt has happened again. Someone close to him has been taken, by violence. Gun violence. Will knows what he has to do. After all, there are rules that have to be followed. For example, no mater how you are really feeling, you can’t cry. You can’t snitch and you must – MUST – get Revenge.

Will’s older brother, Shawn has been killed. Gunned down in the street on his way back from getting special medical cream for their mother. And this isn’t the first important person to be lost in Will’s life to guns. Will knows who did it, who killed his brother. And now, according to the rules, he needs to seek Revenge.

Will finds a gun in his brother’s drawer and knows it is now or never. He has to get revenge. But as he listens to his mother crying, and thinks of what he must do, he worries if he’ll be able to complete his revenge. After all, he’s never even shot a gun before.

Still, he heads down in his apartment building’s elevator, ready to do what needs to be done. Once on the elevator, he is surprised when a man gets on and begins talking with him, and when Will recognizes who it is, he begins to question his sanity. Because he knows this man is dead.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds takes a hard look at the cost of violence in many communities around the United States, and what it is like to have certain rules in your life. Can young people really have the courage to break the rules that have governed their lives for so long, or are they doomed to keep repeating the same events over and over?

Recommended for grades 7 and up.