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Guest Blogger 8th Grader Ryan D. January 21, 2013

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Have you ever been scared to go outside because of the thought you would never be seen again? You’re lucky you don’t have to, but read this book so you can feel what it’s like!
The title of my book is called POD By Stephen Wallenfels.

There are these black oval things called Pods. When they appeared, they started to take people away with this blinding light that flashes whenever people step outside. The only things that the bright flashes take away are people and cars. Everyone is safe unless they are seen by the pods.

The main characters are Meg (12 years old) and Josh (16 years old). Meg is all by herself living in a parking garage of a hotel with very little food. She has to go outside of the car she lives in to get food. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but there are these guys that come out of the hotel and smash the car! These are very violent people that Meg doesn’t want to be involved with. In the beginning of the book, Meg’s mom left before the pods showed up. Her mom said she would be back. Meg didn’t mind her absence but, little did Meg know, that could be the last time she would possibly see her mom.

Josh is the other main character in the book. He lives at home with his dad. They have a good amount of food with them. (so far!) There is a pod over their house. His dad is very smart because he makes a list to eat only three times a day and he filled everything he could with water just in case the water goes off.
I like this book because it’s a page turner and I always wanted to keep reading. I just really like sci-fi and reading stuff like this. I hate to read but this book changed my opinion on reading.


6 Responses to “Guest Blogger 8th Grader Ryan D.”

  1. Hey, Ryan D — This is me, Stephen Wallenfels, the guy that wrote POD. First, I want to thank you for reading my book. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I also want to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with others. But the most important thing to me is that POD has changed your opinion about reading. Nothing makes an author happier than that. Feed your imagination. Keep reading. Best wishes, Steve

    • Ryan Domingo Says:

      Mr.Wallenfels,Thanks for taking the time to read my post and taking the time out of your day to reply. So far it’s my favorite book, I really enjoyed the book. So thank you for writing the book and and replying to my post. Best regards, Ryan Domingo

  2. Miss Hamilton Says:


    I’m so proud of you! What a wonderful post. I can’t wait to take your recommendation and get started reading this book. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. You ROCK! Keep it up with the reading!

    • Ms. Hoffman Says:

      Thanks Ryan for making my Friday so cool! I love it when I leave the building at the end of the day with a feel good story. This happens to make my week! Keep on reading dude!

  3. Sheila Kelly Welch Says:

    Hi! I’ve read POD and couldn’t put it down, so I agree with Ryan’s excellent review. I wonder if Stephen Wallenfels has finished a sequel. I’d like to read more about the characters and those scary PODs!

  4. Sam KIrk Says:

    I love pod and it got me to keep reading and flipping the page.

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