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Does Makeup Cover All? March 6, 2014

Lexi knows her life isn’t perfect. But that is how she has to present her little sister, Mackenzie, since her sister is in pageants. As in full glitz pageants, where the little kids wear tons of make-up, fake tans, and fake teeth! These pageants cost a ton of money, and Lexi has given up trying to talk her mom into moderation – even though it is impacting their lives in terms of money and lots of time.

imgresLexi’s bright spot is she gets to spend every weekend with the boy of her dreams…as he watches his girlfriend compete in pageants. So while she daydreams about Logan, she knows the fantasy will never become reality. Or will it? Lexi, with the encouragement of her two best friends, decides to do a little makeover on herself. The problem with that is, do people like her for who she is now on the outside, or who she is inside?

Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg has some fun moments. Lexi finally speaks her mind with lots of authority at the end of the book, but it isn’t realist. Still, it is always fun to root for the underdog.

For students in grades 7 and up.


One Response to “Does Makeup Cover All?”

  1. lhorn1217 Says:

    I was totally going to post about this one. I think this was a cute story with a good lesson at the end! 🙂

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